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We are so pleased to announce that three of our premium members, contemporary artists’ Alan Yaffe, Susie Hall and Kim Barsky have joined forces hosting their very own “Space Between Thoughts” exhibition. Yaffe, Hall & Barsky are similarly inspired and driven by a love of colour and form. Their paintings are guided by their intuition, imagination, feelings and observations. The ‘space’ referred to in the exhibition’s title are those moments when, during the painting process, decisions are made, perhaps subliminally, before continuing. Those decisions become the ‘thoughts’ which allow progress to continue and which become the next stroke of the brush, the next shape, line or colour.​


5 Minutes with Riga Forbes

Valued VAA Member, Riga Forbes, provides insight into her practice and inspirations.

Five Minutes With

Bryce Watanasoponwong

Bryce talks street photography, cultural influencers and his photography process.

Five Minutes With

Samantha Messias

Samantha discusses Art as therapy and the beauty of hyperrealism.

Five Minutes with

Samantha Clarke

Clarke talks creative process, inspirations, and the importance of long-term commitment.

Five Minutes with 
Bridget Bernadette Karn

Karn reflects on her career, creative process, and gives advice to new artists.

Five Minutes with

Sarah Hardy

Hardy discusses her artistic philosophy and her experience in Africa 

Five Minutes With

Skye Holland

who provides insight into her inspirations …

Five Minutes With

Yulia Allan

Yulia talks motivations, the emotions of nature, and the luxury of art.

Five Minutes With

Iain Perry

Iain Perry discusses the importance of colour and shape within his work.

Five Minutes With

Jasmine Mercer

Fine Artist & Illustrator Jasmine discusses her work with clients.

Five Minutes With

Sally Kirk

Kirk discusses how lockdown has slowed her business and learning to be kind to yourself.

Five Minutes With

Sarah Elder

Sarah Elder reflects on life in lockdown and creating artwork during unstable times.

Five Minutes With

Alan Yaffe

Yaffe reflects on sales, confidence, and creative process. 

Five Minutes With

Caroline Boff

Caroline Boff talks creative process, online presence, and self-expression.

Five Minutes With

Susie Hall

Hall reflects on her struggles with galleries, perseverance, and her light-bulb moments.

Five Minutes With

Tammy Walters

Tammy Walters discusses her inspirations and advice to emerging artists. 

Five Minutes With

Minju Kim

Minju Kim dives into her creative process and discusses how her journey in art began.

Five Minutes With

Simon Wright

Simon Wright gives insightful advice to artists, and discusses creating art part-time.

Five Minutes With

Emika Aida

Emiko Aida on being yourself & spirituality in art. 

Five Minutes With

Mark Noble

Mark discusses how he has used art to express and communicate.

Five Minutes With

Mu Yu & Niu Kai 

 Akartasia Gallery’s artists discuss their creative process 

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