Five Minutes with Sarah Hardy

Sarah reflects on the way her experience in Africa has altered her artistic style.

Lover of travel and wildlife, visual artists Sarah Hardy is currently exploring photography, although she is a painter by nature.

Firstly, how has the last six months treated your art career?

It’s been a roller coaster of six months, as not long before lockdown I’d spent the year in Africa. I took way too much in the way of materials, but rarely practically had them at my disposal. So I got used to working with pencils and watercolours again, doing quick sketches and bits of photography, playing around with the style, and working with a more focused concept.
At present, I’m working with fine art photography and experimenting with a bit of film work. Again heavily inspired by themes of being, nature, and the environment. I’ve finally got a proper website up and running though, which has been a long time coming!

What is your inspiration when creating your artwork?

Nature and the concept of sentience inspire me. From not only a visual perspective, but an emotional and philosophical stand point also. There are things going on all around us to which we all react differently, but we can all learn a lesson from observing another’s way of being and being mindful of our own.

How would you advise artists starting their careers? 

If you have the passion, just get on and do it. You don’t have to a gregarious character , standing on a rooftop shouting to get yourself out there, or to make yourself heard. Just keep creating, keep connecting, and believe in yourself

‘Keep creating, keep connecting, and believe in yourself’

What do you find most rewarding about being an artist?

The best part about being an artist is, without a doubt, doing something you love and being able to combine it with the other elements of my life that I love! With me that would be the natural world – sentience and the environment, personal empowerment, and the infinite potential of creation. I love that I can go hiking in the hills or wherever and come back invigorated and inspired to create!