☑  Up to £5m Public and Products Liability Insurance

☑ Covers bodily injury to any person 

☑ Covers damage to third party property 

☑ You can exhibit and sell art freely

☑ A range of activities covered including, workshops, residencies, and community projects.

£5m Public & Products Liability Insurance


Members of the Visual Artists Association automatically benefit from £5m Public and Products Liability Insurance.

Feel safe at exhibitions, art fairs, and other events with your VAA Membership. Have peace of mind that you are protected from any unexpected incidents. From as little as £4.50 per month, you can shield yourself from financial difficulties.

Start your membership today and get instant cover.

Fees and Expenses payable is up to £5 million

If you are an Artist who takes part in workshops, fairs, exhibitions, public events, and open studios then you need insurance.

If a member of the public were to injure themselves during the above-mentioned, then you could be held liable. Having Insurance gives you the confidence to rest easy.

You are covered for your legal liability for accidental:

(a) Bodily injury to any person

(b) Damage to third party property

(c) Obstruction, trespass, nuisance or interference with any right of way, air, light or water or other easement. 

(d) Wrongful arrest or detention, false imprisonment or malicious prosecution occurring during the Period of Coverage within the Territorial Limits and arising in connection with the Covered Activities or caused by or arising from any Product Supplied.

Covered Activities means:

(a) Making, developing, designing, creating, preparing, installing, selecting, exhibiting, presenting, displaying and selling any works of visual or applied art (including works made in collaboration with other persons and works not created by you). 

(b) Lecturing, teaching, or demonstrating visual or applied art including, but not limited to, workshops, residencies and community projects.

Excess: The Insurer will not pay for the first £200 of each and every claim for Damage to third party property.  Such amount shall be contributed by you before the Insurer assumes any responsibility to make a payment for any claim under the Master Policy.

Artist Insurance

A membership with the VAA provides you with up to £5m Products and Public Liability Insurance.

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