Five Minutes with Emiko Aida

Emiko Aida on being yourself & spirituality in art. 

Emiko Aida is an exciting UK-based artist whose works have featured in prizes, exhibitions and publications across the world – including in the US, Japan, Australia and China

Where do you draw your inspiration for art from?

I am interested in spiritually related matters like world religions. I am also drawn to more philosophical subjects like the Universe, Nature, Science and the Arts. How we, humans understand the structure of invisible systems, and how we symbolize and depict these.

What is your creative process? 

Initially I use computer software to draw my ideas, I then develop these further. I often use mixed media such as Oil painting, Etching and wire sculpture. The use of mixed media require a lot of processes when creating artwork.

What has been your favourite or most memorable art sale? 

There used to be an art fair called Art in Action. When I was asked to participate in this, it was my first time showing at a large art event. Although I never imagined selling my work there I actually sold a lot of pieces. This was memorable experience for me.

How has your arts business/career changed over the past 6 months? 

Due to COVID-19, many events were cancelled or postponed, which gave me lots of disappointments and adjustments of schedules. Instead, online businesses are blooming. I have to follow the changes of value of opportunities and keep the connections of old values at the same time. This has increased unease and uncertain feelings surrounding my business. The VAA has provided me with the opportunity to meet with other inspirational women artists who have experience with promoting and selling their artwork, this has been invaluable to me.


 ‘Follow your own curiosity and instinct.’


What piece of advice would you give an artist starting their career? 

Follow your own curiosity and instinct. Comparing yourself to fellow artists is wasting your time. Surround yourself with good friends and don’t worry about making mistakes. You always learn from them. There are always ups and downs. Believe in yourself. You are the best friend you have.