Sharing Lessons from Professional Artists


Good Art Does Not Sell Itself is this year’s must-read book for artists across the globe. Over the past decade, Shirley-Ann O’Neill and Laura O’Hare have worked with hundreds of artists to help successfully build their practices and sell their work. During the past two years, they have built a community which focuses on supporting artists in their professional lives. Now, they are sharing their knowledge and experience with you.

Good Art Does Not Sell Itself guides artists through the ins and outs of income streams and art sales. Success is a journey and this book is the roadmap. No matter what stage you are at in your career, Good Art Does Not Sell Itself will equip you with the knowledge to increase your visibility and create more opportunities

Advice from Experts


In this book, Shirley-Ann O’Neill and Laura O’Hare have interviewed dozens of artists and art industry experts to bring you guidance and insight into the world of art sales. Good Art Does Not Sell Itself uses case studies, across all genres of art to answer the question, ‘how do I sell my art?’

Shirley-Ann is a founder at VAA and is responsible for marketing communications and online training at VAA. She has over 20 years of experience in Marketing & Distribution. She is experienced in digital content and live communications across the UK and internationally. Her background in Arts marketing and partnerships leads to her commitment to ensuring that artists can develop the essential business skills to succeed.

Laura is responsible for leading the artistic and business development at VAA. Laura has been working in the Fine Arts sector since 2012 and is a founder of the VAA. Presently, as Director of the Visual Art Open Prize and Chester Arts Fair, Laura has a wealth of experience in managing relationships with artists and understanding their needs. Laura has an extensive network including arts organisations, galleries, publishers and commercial partners. Laura has helped hundreds of artists figure out how to thrive at all stages of their fine art careers.

What’s Inside?

Good Art Does Not Sell Itself is split into three main sections, helping you to follow a path to success.

  • Mindset & Habits: The first section includes daily habits and small changes you can make. Day-to-day struggles and responsibilities can often get in the way of your practice, this section provides advice on refocusing your time and mindset on creating.
  • Getting Artwork Ready: In section two we discuss the steps you need to take before selling your art and taking part in opportunities. This is to ensure a level of professionalism throughout your art career.
  • Opportunities: This section caters to artists of any level, whatever the opportunity, we have the advice, from gallery representation to licensing, from art agents to NFT’s, we give professional insight, for wherever your career takes you.

Finally, we conclude this book with a chapter on implementation. We know how important it is for artists to have actionable steps for every part of the journey. That’s why, in addition to our final chapter, every piece of guidance has a handy working artist tip, to help you on your way.

The Perfect Gift for the Artist in your Life


Good Art Does Not Sell Itself is a book that every artist should have on their shelf.

Created for artists of all levels, Good Art Does Not Sell Itself is a must-read for the working artist of the 21st century. With insights into applications to calls-for-art, insider business tips, and professional guidance on business transactions, this book has been carefully crafted for artists of any level. 

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