Tahira Mandarino

Gallery Room 2 – Over £500-£2000

Through the use of site, text, audio, drawing, performance and film, I find different ways of interpreting absence, a hidden language of uncovering what we can not see and finding different ways of illustrating the ‘reveal’. I use found or collected objects and through various media I may use or alter an object, remaking and distorting, creating props. The way people form relationships with what we understand to be an inanimate object or space is interesting to me. This process of collecting, remaking and re- inventing allows the unconscious to unfold. Playing with historical narratives around a collected object or site allows this to become a fictional or sometimes personal account.

W: www.tahiramandarino.com

I: tahiramandarino

Sea Breeze | £1,200 |50cm x 50cm | Acrylic on Canvas

This movement inherent into having new experiences shifts also our horizons of meaning in life, as our relative position around truths changes.