Sara Ingleby-MacKenzie

Gallery Room 3 – Over £2000

The daughter of a fashion designer I grew up in Milan in a home surrounded by colour, design and bustle. Experimenting with styles and mediums, gradually the experiences in Italy started to influence my work. The figures became clothed and small details such as buttons and textures appeared on the sculptures to draw the viewer into the pieces. The figures always start out as vague notions, possibly a standing or walking figure. As the clay goes on the characters develop and I get caught in a dialogue with the piece, who are they, where are they etc. When a piece is finished I always leave the viewer to establish there own dialogue and am often surprised and delighted by the direction these encounters take. They develop their own narrative.

W: http://slimsculpture.co.uk/

I: slimsculpture

Breezy | £2400 | 41cms x Width 22 cms x Depth 12 cms | Bronze and Portland Stone

A young girl is all dressed up when she is caught in a sudden gust of wind