Riga Forbes

My greatest muse is nature: land, sky, water, light, the seasons, the cycles and rhythms. I am a student of the natural world and it is humbling to try and represent or express such an awe-inspiring subject. Landscape has the capacity to express every mood from gravity to expansiveness, and vibrancy to seclusion. My feeling is that nature is where we as a human species can find depth, joy and wisdom, and at this time our very existence now depends on our care for the Earth and our commitment to it.

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One Side Felled | £695 | 70 cm x 50 cm | Oil on canvas.

This painting is about deforestation. At a glance one sees the beautiful yet gaudy sunset and assumes it is a decorative piece, but on closer inspection of the title and picture it becomes clear that half of this ‘ideal’ image is missing… and that this picture is about the tragic clearance of a forest. I am a passionate environmentalist and this painting is the realisation of my grief for all the forests that have been and are being felled.