Paulie X

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Paulie is a London-based, self-taught artist specialising in the study of human emotion in portraiture & figurative expression. For the last 7 years since his artistic rejuvenation, he has been (and still is) particularly fascinated in the power and inscrutability of human inexpression. He paints captivating portraits of people, and carefully selects subjects that leave the interpretation of the thoughts, state of mind, & expression of the subjects open to the interpretation of the observer.

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X – BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY | £1,304.46 | 73.8 x 53.3 x 1.2 — Framed Dimensions (cm) H x W X D
29.1 x 21 (in) H x W
 |Mixed Media – Charcoal, Ink, Graphite, Acrylic on Art Grade Paper & Plastic


BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY is the 2nd of two primarily charcoal-based paintings I have done of the enigmatic Malcolm X.
Malcolm X was an activist who fought against oppression of Black Americans and championed the cause of Uniting all Black people globally in his later years. While highly influential and eloquent, he was also militant. Controversial…
And known to go his own way… furthering his cause BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.
I have done this work in one of my unique styles mixing several media that are not normally mixed by most artists.
The balance of the light and dark sides of both ‘X’ paintings is deliberate — celebrating the duality and deeper mystery of the great man that was… is Malcolm X!
Art Series: Black Kings