Le Liu

Gallery Room 4 – Over £500-£2000

These body parts can be me, you, or anyone and nobody. it can make a connection with you, it can have nothing relationships with you. if you want, then it has, or it not.

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I: leliu

Body series IV | £1800 | 120*180*1.7cm | oil on canvas

Bodies are always my desire at the bottom of my heart, maybe it just only sexual, maybe it has something else, I use to read lots of books, observe lots of body works, from ancient to modern, from sculpture to oil painting, those people’s body is beautiful in classical, they are single elegant and pure but among full of wants. However the bodies in modern are real with unreal, they show outlook, they are changed. People like to show complicated emotions in unreal things, so I want to add bodies on bodies because bodies are part of human behaviors, they are the consequences of the decision, bodies need brain to manipulate, but without a head, it’s free.