Marina Emphietzi

Gallery Room 3 – Over £2000

As a neo-expressionist mixed media artist, I seek to create uniquely engaging artworks in a semi-abstract style mostly inspired by the sea and the marine environment.

I grew up in a house by the sea in Famagusta, Cyprus, a home I lost in the trauma of war. Although I didn’t set out to produce art about anything specific, as my portfolio developed over the years, I realised that the greatest pleasure and energy I was getting from painting was when I focused on water, boats, beaches and marinas. My artworks also tell a story.  They suggest a metaphor of the human experience as we journey through life.

W: http://www.marinaemphietzi.com

I: @marina.emphietzi

Flying Low I, Flying Low II | £4500 | 102, 76 x 2 cm | Oil on canvas

For me the sea symbolises life and the call of the sea is strong and I very often feel an urge to spend time within sight or sound of the water. My personal challenge is to create scenes that evoke feelings and emotions; as if I am there on that beach where I grew up…
This painting is one of a diptych.