Facebook ‘Live’ presents an extraordinary opportunity for artists to connect with a global audience. Live video on any platform is a powerful tool to engage on a deeper level and create content to grow your fan base.  Facebook Live videos get priority over other videos uploaded onto the platform, including YouTube videos. It is easy to use and will get far more engagement than text or image posts. If you would like to know the nuts and bolts, then read on…

Getting Started

You don’t need to be technically minded in order to create incredible Facebook Lives. Really all you require is a phone and a good internet connection. You may want to consider the following:

  • A phone tripod or mount holder if you want to be hands-free or avoid shaky videos. You can buy these from £15 online.
  • An external microphone that plugs into your phone is useful if you want to go live from a busy place and need an audio boost.
  • Ideally, choose a place that is relatively quiet with few interruptions. Make sure your space is well lit, you can invest in lighting if required.


Setting up a ‘Live’

To get started go into Facebook, select ‘Live Video’ option, and from there you will be able to set your privacy settings to create a post description. This will appear on your fans newsfeed. Press the ‘Go Live’ button and your fans will start to view!



In the analytics section, you can test your ideas to see which type of content your fans get excited about and to gauge their reaction. You will see the peak-viewing time, and when fans start to drop off.  Average viewing time is one of the most important metrics to note, as this is optimum time for future posts. Your post should ideally be for a minimum of 10 minutes.

Live Video Ideas

You may have heard the term ‘DOCUMENT DON’T CREATE’ by one of the top social media guru’s Gary Vaynerchuck. Fans want to see your journey in an authentic way. You don’t need to spend lots of time trying to think of fancy educational or entertaining content. You will build your brand with live video by being yourself, original and genuine with these five video ideas.


  1. Live Art Demonstration – Seeing a skilled artist create work is possibly one of the most extraordinary videos fans will love. Artists can use it to show technical ability, and this is what elevates a live video from a YouTube Video.


  1. Exhibitions – Whether you are exhibiting your work yourself or attending an art show, it is a stimulating way to share the essence of an event, that you can’t capture with photographs or text alone.


  1. Notices – Use a live video to make important or early announcements, which you know your fans will want to know about. It will also allow you to take advantage of the priority given to video in Facebook’s algorithm to ensure more fans see the posts.


  1. Vlogs – Take your fans into your studio for a weekly behind the scenes live video. You can introduce a sneak preview of your latest work, amusing stories or share interesting cool thoughts about your weekly journey.


  1. Fans Q&A – Hold regular Q&As whereby fans can ask you questions on a human level as well as a professional level. They can submit questions in advance as well as taking questions live, so you will have an idea of what to expect.


Tips for Live Success

 Some quick tips to help you achieve a good watch rate


  • Schedule it into your diary and show up. Where possible make it a regular time so fans know when to tune in i.e. Tuesday 7pm.
  • Engage on a personal level, build a relationship. You want fans to feel like they are hanging out with you. It is an opportunity to have a two-way communication. Answer their questions and use their names.
  • Be consistent with content and delivery style, fans love the familiarity and it builds loyalty.
  • Pre-promote your Live sessions in Facebook using the tool, and also cross-promote on your other platforms such as Instagram, Twitter or Linked-in.
  • Review analytics and tweak your live videos to gauge the best time and type of content your fans want.


Finally, remember that building your brand on social media will take time and consistency. Don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun. Above all have patience and you can reap the rewards.