How you describe yourself and your artwork is a key part of creating loyal fans. This is your opportunity to present your story and showcase your originality.

To be truly unforgettable and grab the interest of your readers, simply follow these 12 steps for success.

  1.   Define your target audience, so you can have well-defined appropriate copy. If you look at successful artists in your niche, they clearly know their audience. Think about who you would like to visit your website and who you want to work with or buy your art.
  2.   Think like you are a reader, whether it is a seasoned collector or novice. Write copy that the average person who doesn’t have a background in art can relate to.
  3.   Avoid jargon and being overly technical, so you don’t alienate people.
  4.   Decide the hook. Make your ‘hero’ story clear and relatable. At some point you made the decision to devote your life to become an artist. How did you decide this was your calling?  What gave you the courage to pursue your passion? Readers and collectors’ will find your origin exciting.
  5.   Include your main motivation in describing individual pieces. What inspires when you create art? What is the meaning behind it? Where does it come from? What is the style and what techniques do you use?
  6.   Only include what is relevant.
  7.   Use short sentences. You then won’t lose people through disinterest.
  8.   When writing headlines and body copy, avoid using conditional words aka weasel words. For example, maybe, hopefully, wish, try, could or perhaps. Instead use command works such as will and can.
  9.   Use copy that people can connect to emotionally. Be congruent, inject your personality. Don’t be afraid to be candid or authentic.
  10. Test your copy. Ask a trusted non-art based friend to review. Proof-reading and copy editing is essential. Making small changes like altering a headline or font can make a big impact.
  11. Be consistent in the tone of your copy across all channels (your website, social media, SEO etc).
  12. Check, check and check again. As an artist you are constantly evolving, so you need to keep content and tone fresh. Review your main channels every 6 months.

Finally, remember you are original… there is only one you, so make sure your copy shines!

By Shirley-Ann O’Neill