With so many social media platforms to choose from, it can become a chore for artists to build a fan base. You have a finite amount of resources, so it can seem overwhelming to decipher the best strategy. There is an easier route to gaining momentum by following these 8-steps.

  1. Choose one platform, learn how to use it effectively, and use two other platforms to promote the 1st platform.  This works by allowing you the time to master your main social media platform. It is then easier to review and fine-tune a single platform to gain results. 70% of your time should be focused on your 1st platform, 20% on your 2nd and 10% on your third.
  2. Choose Instagram as your primary channel followed by Facebook, especially if you wish to sell art via social media. Instagram continues to be the art world’s favoured social media platform with over 1 billion users. In the recent Hiscox 2019 survey, 80% of art buyers use Instagram to discover new artists, with 75% of art buyers using Instagram to find art to purchase.
  3. Interact and be social, as well as posting your own content. The point of social media is to be social, comment and like other people’s posts. Be selective and be consistent. Think about who you want to be aligned with in your fan’s minds.
  4. Be creative and interesting. Until you are an A-lister artist and a person of high interest, avoid boring posts such as what you had for dinner, how miserable the weather is, or how bad the traffic is. Take tips from your favourite artists for content inspiration.
  5. Focus on quality rather than quantity. The number of social media followers can be a distraction. For example, would you rather have 100k followers with low interaction, or 100 loyal buyers following you? Loyalty matters more than follower numbers. Valuable content is what will provide loyalty and the highest ROI – shares, likes, comments, and click-throughs.
  6. Make sure you use branding in the social media header and/or handle, as well as a link to your website address or online shop. Branding can be a logo, your profile picture, or memorable piece of your artwork.
  7. Be consistent and show people your favourable personality traits. As a brand, people are drawn to familiarity. You can build this though your art promotion, interactions and answering questions relating to the art sector or commenting on other people’s shares. Keep your tone consistent in the same voice.
  8. Set a schedule and stick to it. Post regularly, and plan quality content in advance. Review key metrics to adapt your schedule.

Social media is a central part of creating your brand.  Follow these 8-steps to be on the right track to seeing your efforts finally pay off in the form of an online following.