Yael Salomon

Gallery Room 3 – Over £2000

W: info@yaelsalomon.com

Viril | £2200 | 61 x 49 x23 cm / 24 x 19 x 9 in | Mixed media (Gypsum, Resin, Paint)

The sculpture was first made in a massive block of clay, cutting into the body of clay with knife and wire, the texture is then made with small wooden tools ; once the work is done, a mould is prepared and then the mixture of gypsum and resin poured in layers into the mould allowing the piece to be strong, water and UV resistant.
Achieving harmony, by triggering synchronicity in alignment with what Nature does best, and not against it, for the benefit of the self and for the benefit of all ; experiencing wholeness, following what we know, not what we believe.
My practice is a necessity to potentiate these thoughts and translate them into a language that borrows the duality between the man-made imprint, the urbanist surrounding ; and Nature, the minerals, organic forms ; searching for balance through abstraction, inviting the viewer to sense simultaneously the essence of the contrast and its endless potential for poise.