Kira Phoenix Kinan Opal Green Glass

Veronika Kyrychenko

Gallery Room 3 – Over £2000

Impressions accumulated during the work, and Veronika felt an irresistible desire to share her feelings on canvas. Being inspired by memories from the past, she started painting. All the stories Veronika had previously heard turned into an overflow of shapes and shades. Genuine emotions were displayed in the abstract pictures. She experimented with techniques and materials, transferred a vivid memory by each brushstroke.

W: https://arthousevk.com

I: arthousevk

Rainbow | £8460 | 100 x 100 cm | Oil on Canvas

This artwork was not meant to be thought of. It is meant to inspire, to dream, to motivate and encourage. As a sight of rainbow coloured mountains capturing the brightest and most sacred dreams.