White Lines Series-Water

Vamsi Doddapaneni

Gallery Room 1 – Under £500

I am a self taught acrylic painter.I try to tell a story with each painting although I may not succeed everytime.I love to paint landscapes and portraits, although my true love lies in Surrealism/symbolism paintings. Events that happen around me and in the world inspire me to paint and I try to represent  them through my paintings.I love to paint portraits and try to capture the various feelings, emotions, Energy, movement of the animate and inanimate things in our vast Universe inspire me and these are integral part of my paintings.I am a believer of natural order of things and I believe every life on this Earth is valuable.

W: artvamsi.com

I: davincigopal

Karma | £395 | 54 X 70 cms | acrylic painting on canvas

It’s about how we the mankind is destroying the mother earth and receiving the Karma in return