Gallery Room 3 – Over £2000

Tahn is noted for his attempts to expand two-dimensional line and color paintings into the third dimension of space. For Tahn, space is not merely an object for structural exploration but rather an area where public and private meanings combine to produce a new meaning. Of particular interest to this artist is the process by which a space is converted into media arts. Tahn’s perspective of time and space is connecting past with present.

W: https://tahn.modoo.at

I: @lapommeart

Chronological series of time; #1 I remember this place beyond time, #2 Then all the flowers and fruits disappear, #3 Seoul, accumulated over a thousand years

| £3,000 | variable size (4K resolution) | digital video and digital print.

It is a series of works composed of works in which the past era is stacked layer by layer in a horizontal chronology with changes in light and color. Beyond simply reproducing and recording images, the process of exploring and accumulating the substance of time about what has existed and extinguished, collects the moments and creates the pattern of time flowing now.
In an era where various genres of art coexist, it is expressed in media art based on the techniques of traditional painting, and a layer of light and color of the present era is stacked.
The time zone is expressed horizontally and the black and white period and the colourful period overlap