Hayam Elsayed

Sinclair Webster

Gallery Room 4 – Over £500-£2000

All my ideas have a strong graphic base. I like to draw. My written notes of meetings with clients, other consultants and colleagues and emails  I printed out were littered with little sketches –boredom has its uses – usually bound by a frame line. Sometimes I saved these sketches, tearing them out of the sheet, but mostly they were deleted when the notebook was completed and thrown away.  They were simple, quick single line graphic notes that emphasised key shapes. I still draw that way. Shapes and the rhythms between them have always fascinated me.

W: https://www.stcw.pictures/about

Monkeys and Oranges £995 | 76 X 62 cm  | Oil on canvas

There were no preliminary musings on paper for this one, just compose straight onto the canvas. I grew up with baboons stealing our avocados and saw monkey oranges for the first time in Umhlanga Rocks, where vervet moneys seems to love them, and I liked the change in colour from deep green to a yellowy orange when ripe. So this is a combined recollection of our cousins having a feed.