street to somewhere

Simon Lea Wright

Gallery Room 4 – Over £500-£2000

Growing up, Simon was surrounded by an artistic family. This sparked his interest from an early age. In the early 90’s he left his studies in architecture to go to art college. It was there towards the end of his degree course at Southampton that he decided to combine a passion for perspective geometry with his developing skills in abstract expressionism. This prompted a move towards his surrealist approach to painting. There is, for Simon, an assurance in the geometry of both built and natural environments. His studio shelves are bursting with journals containing complex architectural drawings in fine-line pen. In these sketches he constructs surreal environments around himself, staying safe within the predictable, mathematical aspects of his mind. This is where his painting begins. Simons studio is laid out like a laboratory in which he investigates his subject matter with intensity. Lines and marks become loose, experimental and the subject takes on unforeseen characteristics. With thin glazes, at the end of each experiment, he destroys and recreates what has gone before. He often ponders on how these structures have influenced his life. Each feature represents a new puzzle for him to experiment with and solve. With each new journey, the process begins again.

W: https://www.simonleawright.co.uk/

I: @simonleawright

Street to somewhere | £1500 | 750cm x 750cm | Oil on Canvas