Silvia Gallart

Gallery Room 4 – Over £500-£2000

“Everything is connected. As an artist, I pursue to find the gaps between low and high culture to discover and create deeper meanings. Based on my own life experience and surrounded by historic and social events that intrigue and interest me I create unique and ageless art, that has different levels of lecture and interpretation. Coincidence, similarity, and synchronicity are concepts that are often shown in my work”.

W: http://www.silvia-gallart.com

I: Silviagallart

Dancing on the Street ( serie Fashion Victim) £1672.29 (2.000 swiss francs) | 42 x 59.4 cm  | Highquality print on a basis

Mixed-media: collage & drawings, high quality printed objects on a basis, signed (2014). Price on request.The collages show the playfulness and the part of the naivety of 80’s fashion and music. The images symbolize a time for growing, developing, and learning- because at that time everything seemed to be possible: crazy outfits, funny album covers, and a long etcetera.The colorful character and the “horror vacui” look and feel of this work are intentional, and remarks about the special & unforgettable character of this Epoque.