Shabs Beigh

Gallery Room 2 – Over £500-£2000

I am a Cheshire, England based artist represented by Saatchi and Paul Smith, London. I started my art career as cartoonist/illustrator 25 years ago. Now I mainly paint:

  • Impressionistic landscapes and seascapes
  • Charcoal/ink drawings of a variety of animals (focusing mainly on bulls, bison, ravens and stags)
  • Expressionist and geometric abstracts

I have a biased passion for nature and animals. Reflections of water in nature interests me, and I excel at that. Many of my paintings were inspired by walks through the country and holidays to the coast in the South West of England and North Wales.

W: https://paintingsandprints.co.uk/

I: @shabsbeighart

River Wharf | £1500 | 40″ x 40″ | Acrylic on canvas

This artwork is inspired by paintings by Claude Monet and impressionism. Monet used to have a boat studio floating on the River Seine. He painted the River Seine a few times at different times of the day.

This is the reflection of the greens around a river at morning in July 2019.

I stayed in Wetherby, Yorkshire and used to go for walks near River Wharf. Reflections of trees in water interest me. My favourite part of the painting is the trees right at the back in the blueish hue, where the water meets the trees. I almost want a house boat to linger in that part of the river to feel the calm.