Saulius Dastikas

Gallery Room 3 – Over £2000

“Saulius Dastikas exhibit his works with captured impressions caused by the natural images in Lithuania, Denmark and Norway. The artist chooses to show not clearly recognizable shapes and colors created by nature, so that all natural objects could be imagined and intuited. Saulius Dastikas work is characterized by native raciness of his peculiar color and emotionalism, improvisation, they are bursting with life and intensity. His works are changing along with the author’s inner processes, which attempt to look like a new sign language that could express intuitive things, often in the form of an abstract. His painting reveal a consistent and deliberate intention that his works would be perceptible throw a growing awareness of sensations rather than the rational mind.” Liana Ruokytė-Jonsson

W: https://www.sauliusdastikas.com/

F: saulius.dastikas.3

Teritory | £5300 | 200×150 cm | oil, canvas