Sally-Anne Ashley

Gallery Room 1 – Under £500

Creating art has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I always loved sewing and being curled up on the sofa with a cross-stitch kit in hand is a pleasant childhood memory! Painting was set aside after collage when I co-founded a clothes making business but it soon returned when the desire came to express my thoughts and feelings in paint. Early works were filled with text and line drawings, I wasn’t familiar with intuitive painting at the time but I instinctively knew that I was finding my direction.

W: https://www.sally-anneashley.com

I: sallyanneashleyart

It takes a Village | £400 | 50 x 50cm / 20 x 20″ | Canvas / paint / charcoal / pencils / thread (stitching)

‘It takes a Village’ feels primal and raw with it’s strong visual image of an animal, vessel or container type composition. The storylines of its history show through the translucent layers of paint and glazes and the markmaking in areas could resemble that of tribal type patterning. Hand and machine embroidery accentuate some of the marks and add another layer of intricacy to the surface. ‘It takes a Village’ is a statement piece that would proudly sit alone or amongst other curiosities.