Niamh O’Connor

Gallery Room 3 – Over £2000

I identify as a Mixed Media Artist with a penchant for Encaustic. The versatility of the wax medium gives me a creative avenue for all feeling, and an adaptability I find necessary in art, as in life. Many of my pieces are hand pulled wax and pigment monotypes on fine Japanese Kozo papers collaged to panel, some with over painting of encaustic layers. Other pieces include acrylic mixed-media works on canvas and folded works, collage and sculpture/installation… houses and homes…scripts, stories that don’t meet expectation…fractured flat colour-field works.

W: http://www.niamhoconnorart.com

I: niamhoconnorart

Safehouse | £2850 / £1500 with base | 108x188cm | Acrylic on canvas framed.

Safe house was created for Feb 2020 exhibition Artsfemin , Gstaad, Switzerland supporting international charity ‘woman to woman’s, Safe house was created as a symbol of safety for women against antagonists everywhere.