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Monica Griffin

Gallery Room 4 – Over £500-£2000

I’m an Art Director and Senior Designer with nearly a decade of experience designing for fully integrated print and digital campaigns. I’m looking to join a team in which I can harness my deep understanding of digital design, social media, new technologies, and market-wide trends to create beautiful and smart content for your brand.

W: http://monica-griffin.com/about

I: @monegrams

Dunes at Death Valley | £800 | 36″ x 24″ | Framed Photograph of a Mixed Media Painting (all original art)

Since moving to the West Coast in 2018, Monica’s painting and photography work has been inspired by the vast and beautiful natural landscapes found here. Her latest work aims to interpret and preserve elements from our natural and fragile landscapes. She wants various elements (gradients, light, weather conditions, ecosystems, the night sky, etc.) to be witnessed and held in time by putting it on canvas. She then takes those canvases out into the landscapes in which inspired them and photographs them, creating a juxtaposition of Art and Muse. By photographing these works in their environment, it transcends the original painting concept and elevates it to a more holistic way to be viewed and enjoyed. Ultimately she wants each piece and the environment to work together to create a beautiful homage to Mother Earth.