White Lines Series-Water

Mnamri / Minnamari Helmisaari

Gallery Room 1 – Under £500

My main interest lies in exploring visual expression through a broad range of media such as illustration, vector design, painting, 3D-graphics, visual coding and interactive prototypes. I have always loved learning new things, across many different disciplines, and my studies have resulted in a MSc in Informatics and a BA in Media Arts, Aesthetics in Narration. I have also worked in higher education as a lecturer and program director. Apart from my visual work I am an enthusiastic pianist, singer and ukulele player but have yet to gather the courage to publish my own music.

W: https://www.mnamri.com/

I: mnamri_art

(M)Other | £360 | 27 x 35 cm | Acrylic paint on canvas

The Star/ Cross of Ishtar watches over us all. Protecting and guarding all the (M)Others of the world – all those who create and nurture their creations, whether they take the form of new beings, ideas, artworks or acts of kindness.