Melanie Cambridge

Gallery Room 2 – Over £500-£2000

I have always painted since childhood and by the age of 14 was using oil colours. I love the buttery texture and tactile nature of oil paint, the way you can move it around, scrape off and keep inspiration flowing.

My main artistic influences come from nature, particularly the English Coastline and the open Downland near to my home. Both places have such wide open spaces and big skies. Light, colour and atmosphere are inspirational to me – even an empty beach, if there are interesting cloud formations can be the starting point for a painting.

W: https://www.melaniecambridge-fine-art.co.uk

I: @melaniecambridgeartist

Downland View | £550 | 57 x 67cm (including frame) | Oil on Canvas

The view over the Downs with its big open sky made a fabulous subject for a painting. This is one of a series I have painted from sketches whilst walking along the edge of the Downs last summer when lockdown meant it was the only place I could go for my hour’s exercise.