Marcelle Mansour

Gallery Room 1 – Under £500

Sydney-based Australian Multidisciplinary Visual Artist. Primarily painter, digital, light artist, photographer, poet, published author, commentator, bilingual writer/journalist and Ambassador for Peace. Marcelle received two Masters of Fine Arts and Studio Arts from the University of Sydney and previously a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Ein Shams University in Egypt. Was born in Gaza to Christian Palestinian parents from Jaffa. She began drawing from early childhood, grew up painting before digital technology and was numerously awarded top art prize by Department of Education.

W: http://marcellemansour.com.au/

“Interaction” | £400 | 40cm H x 30cm W x 05cm D | Light Art, Photography, acrylic face mounted in Dibond.

in “Interaction”, I captured the light undergoing transformation while break apart into its component colors, shapes, and forms. I depicted the illusory nature of light as it transmutes from its confused mass, to a new abstract array. I photographed the movement of the dynamic changeable vivid colors to depict the perception of human interaction. Every detailed color of the artwork is enhanced in acrylic face mounting that adds breathtaking vibrance and depth. The significance of my original light art is to create a global wisdom of optimistic consciousness to move humanity forward towards positive change.