Lize Kruger Give The Rose In Time

Lize Krüger

Gallery Room 5 – Curators Choice 

The relationship between Lize and the robin is parallel to the relationship between the beholder and her art. Lize Krüger has the ability to evoke emotion with every brushstroke. Her artwork invites the spectator to realize that something fragile can, in truth, hold so much power. Loss, mental health, and abuse are at the forefront of Lize’s artwork. She manages to transform delicate subjects into the divine. Her work reminds us that vulnerability should be embraced and cherished. And so, the work you behold becomes a symbol of change, growth, and renewal.

W: www.lizekrugerfineart.com

I: @lizekrugerfineart

GIVE THE ROSES IN TIME | £480 | 80X60 cm | Digital Collage

During the current pandemic, it is more important than ever to give the love, admiration and honour, to those who matter in your life. There is not even a guarantee for funerals anymore …