White Lines Series-Water

Lesley Anne Derks

Gallery Room 3 – Over £2000

All my work is based on places I have visited over the years. My aim is to produce work that allows the viewer to experience their own version of the subtleties of movement, light and sound that I experience when producing the work. More recently, I have begun to explore lights in a different way, focusing on interiors and in particular chandeliers and the different lights they can convey. My paintings are much more than a depictive representation. They are textured using many layers of different mediums. As the work progresses I omit areas or replace them. I may peel back to an earlier state thereby revealing what went on before. The painting begins to take on a different direction from the original source material.

W: https://www.laderks.co.uk

I: lesley_anne_derks_artist_

Sydney by Day | £2750 | 80x120cm | Oil and enamel on Canvas