Kira Phoenix Kinan Opal Green Glass

Laura Jay Meadows

Gallery Room 1 – Under £500

My paintings are a celebration of the body, beauty, energy and champion empowerment, self-love and body confidence. My work reflects the love I wish I had given myself and my body when I was younger. Everybody is different, some people have cellulite, stretch marks, rolls, lumps and bumps it’s all normal and completely okay! I want to be a part of the change where it’s no longer the norm to just “accept” imperfections as if they are flaws as we are all beautiful!

W: www. laurajaymeadows.com

I: laurajaymeadows

Loretta | £500 Unframed £750 Framed | 76.2 x 55.9cm / 30″x 22″ | Water colour on 300g cotton paper

Watercolour painting of the female body. The painting celebrates the female body, beauty and energy. The work explores the feminine with a focus on emotions and championing female empowerment.