Lara Ivanovic

Gallery Room 3 – Over £2000

W: https://www.laraivanovic.com

I: @lara_ivanovic_artist

Delaware County IV, NY | £3000 | 48 x 60″ | Oil on canvas

I have painted abandoned cars for 20 years, on and off. I became fascinated by them when I lived on a cattle station in rural Western Australia. They had what was called a “car graveyard”, where all the old cars were laid to rest, along with car parts scattered all around. To me, they had an eerie, ghostly quality, shimmering under the scorching Australian sun, casting inky pools of shadow, glinting headlights hanging off, paint peeling and fading to a fine patina. Majestic beasts, evocative and mysterious. When I returned to the States, I sought out more cars to paint, sometimes found in rural areas, in salvage yards, on farms, or simply abandoned by the roadside.
For me the sea symbolises life and the call of the sea is strong and I very often feel an urge to spend time within sight or sound of the water. My personal challenge is to create scenes that evoke feelings and emotions; as if I am there on that beach where I grew up…
This painting is one of a diptych.