Jill Desborough

Gallery Room 2 – Over £500-£2000

There never seemed to be an alternative career other than one in art. Drawing was what I did from the earliest age and going to art college what I aimed at, with a change from illustration to sculpture during Foundation.

The work has always been figurative and often revels in fine detail, with subject matter drawn from my imagination or mythologies and historical imagery. I am fascinated by the darker side of humanity and the bizarre; emotional states of being, our idiocyncracies and mortality underlay much of the work. The Minotaurs are expressions of loneliness and isolation; a current project where small individual figures, placed in architectural settings, express different states of being, joy, sadness, loneliness, stillness.. depictions of the undervalued as in the series of golden rat sculptures and three versions of The 3 Graces celebrate the beauty of the ageing face.

W: www.jilldesborough.com

I: jill_desborough

Rotunda puppet | £1650 | Mixed media

This is one of the more architecturally inspired puppets, again with articulated limbs and head, inhabited by a multitude of small interacting figures in fancy dress around the walkway and within the rotunda edifice itself where a party is going on inside.