last bus

Jacob Gourley

Gallery Room 3 – Over £2000

Working predominantly in oils and acrylics, Jacob Gourley is a Liverpool-based painter whose practice explores the boundaries between realism and abstraction. Forming the bedrock of Jacob’s practice is the awareness of the central roles that the formal qualities play, such as shape, tone, edges, colour, and composition. His interest in the materiality of painting drives his practice in making work that integrates a range of painterly techniques into a single piece.


I: @j.gourleyart

Last Bus – Queen Square, stand 13’ | £8995 | 200x200cm | Oil on Canvas

Painting depicts a group of figures at a bus stop. An elderly man nervously gripping a hand rail surrounded by younger figures, two of which have their gaze directed down towards their phone screens. A seated figure dons NHS scrubs and a face mask, whilst a ghostly male figure gazes directly out at the viewer