Holly Parr

Gallery Room 4 – Over £500-£2000

Holly first fell in love with the art of French Beaded Flowers five years ago.  From then on her hobby has turned into her passion.  Through stringing thousands of 2mm glass seed beads onto fine craft wire, with a combination of twists and wraps, Holly designs and creates exquisite forever flowers to treasure. Holly researches each natural bloom she replicates before designing the flower she has selected.  With flowers having such a powerful impact on us, creating memories, improving our mental health and sending messages it is really important to Holly that her designs are as accurate as possible and that they capture the splendour of the blooms she replicates.

W: http://www.hylandsartists.co.uk/holly-parr.html

I: hylandsartiststudios

In Hope of Summer | £1,478.00 | 56cm x 52cm x 30 cm | French Beaded flower art sculpture completed on the 19th Feb 2021

Constructed using 18th Century French Beading techniques, thousands of 2mm glass beads strung on fine craft wire and finished with floral tape. Each stem is researched in detail before I begin designing and creating so to capture the splendour of the natural bloom. This piece was inspired by my longing for nature to awaken and lift spirits. My garden, and the estate gardens where my studio is situated are a constant source of inspiration that I have missed deeply.