Gemini H

Gallery Room 1 – Under £500

Gemini.H is a French self-taught artist who has been living in Korea for  5 years and who is now back to France. In the portraits she paint she loves to show women’s beauty regardless of the ethnicity or body shape, playing with traditional costumes inspired by European and Asian culture

W: http://www.gemini-h.com

I: art_of_geminih

The Veil | £250 | 27cm/18cm | Handmade paper created from paper waste, acrylic painting

The daily excitement of giving a new life to underrated medium turned me into a collector of ordinary little things. Through the use of recycled and handmade material, my work explores the opportunities between craftmanship and creativity in an attempt to bring a sense of curiosity to the audience. In my work the use of recycled paper and observations of what life gives me is an essential step in the process of the final composition. The handmade paper created from paper waste was first painted with two portraits and then weaved.