Eunice Bossman-Okai

Gallery Room 4 – Over £500-£2000

Eunice Bossman-Okai resides in London, UK, and is married with three children and one grandchild. Eunice returned to university to study jewellery and pursue her love of creativity. She achieved a BA in Jewellery and Accessories from Middlesex University. She was born in London and relocated to Nigeria with her family when she was nine years old and returned to London in 1995. Her culture plays a big part in work. “I love the philosophy of experimenting and this has led me to work with materials based on natural resources primarily from Africa.” 

W: http://www.meitamlondon.com

I: meitam_london

Santuary | £900 | W 60.96cm L 40.64cm | Digital print on Canvas