Ekaterina Nikidis

Gallery Room 2 – Over £500-£2000

I always emphasise the decorative side of my artworks. But as is often the case in life, behind the luxury cover there is something that one had particularly carefully wanted to hide. Perhaps only the detail will tell you this. And the thing which is usually considered a simple decoration can also be important. I let an ordinary addition play a major role and watch it change along with its status. The best moments are painful because they will never happen again. The beauty captured in my artworks has never existed at all — it is just a game of consciousness transferred to the material. It is an illusion created with a longing for the past or the never-past. The figures of the artworks are connected by thin threads of mutual stories. I suggest to the viewer discover them. What are they: some fancy jewellery or a tear disguised as a pearl in gold? I left the question open. Can art be decorative, but conceal a layer of ideas and be a source for thoughts at the same time? I want to prove that it can. Just let’s see more behind a cover.

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My little red planet. Pure vanity​ | £1200 | 21x28x2.5​ cm | Acrylic on the​ glue gesso primed​ wooden​ panel.​ The borders are gilded with 23-carat gold leaf

Locked together with the things and memories we’ve collected. There are no more spectators around. And​ do we need this stuff now, being​ alone with it? Or was it just a cover​ to​ the public? No, this​ is not a censure —​ just a suggestion to think about. I’m happy to say, I like​ this shine of gems and gold​ even if I’m the only one who sees it. So I prefer​ to hold jewels​ in my hands and look at them, rather than put them on. Perhaps this is the only action that makes sense now. Endless contemplation of a world shrunk to the size of a single room. Vanity due to​ the sole possession of beauty, which doesn’t​ need to be protected from anyone…​ However, you can’t show it to anyone either.