Éadaoin Glynn

Gallery Room 1 – Under £500

I’m a self-taught abstract artist, working from my attic home studio in Cork, Ireland. I believe that it’s never too late to follow your dreams.  As a 17 year old who had a place in Art College and in University, a coin toss sent me to University to study English and French literature.  I worked in Paris, London and Dublin before returning to Cork. My paintings are in private collections worldwide.

W: https://www.eadaoinglynn.com

I: eadaoinglynn

a mountain of rushes | £390 | 20x20cm | oil cold wax, pigment on cradled panel

Painting is like writing a play or a novel. I created an imagined, mythological, female landscape shaped by the transformative powers of ancient Ireland’s warrior queens. I am interested in our emotional response and connection with place. I am influenced by Irish mythology, poetry and the significance of place. I paint in series, abstracting and developing an idea over several paintings, building up a history of layers over weeks, excavating, scraping through and dissolving, echoing how land and memories are laid down over time, eroded, weathered and destroyed, yet continuously and gradually shifting and changing. Language and painting are interconnected for me. Writing my titles is an important part of my painting process. The painting is only fully revealed to me when I’ve named it and I spend a long time reading and writing to find the right one. The idea I developed while painting begins to form into words, a song or a poem, within which each painting finds its name.