Dinah Case

Gallery Room 4 – Over £500-£2000

Working mainly in oil or acrylic paint and print, she works on several pieces simultaneously, she rarely has a finished image in mind when starting a piece, believing here is where the real creativity can be found. This open approach gives an edge and freeness to her work. Ideas and themes are worked and reworked through the different mediums she uses, enjoying the differences these bring to the works . A play between solid and void is a common theme, with colour, light and line toying with each other. Dinah loves the element of chance and change in the printing processes, finding the process can liberate an image and bring further experimentation & freedom to her subject and methods.

W: https://www.dinahcaseart.com/

I: @dinah1613

Blue Landscape from above £800 | 60cm by 60cm | Oil on Canvas

I like to paint my response to my surroundings, enjoying the freedom abstraction gives to explore my materials and emotional response to landscapes I know well. Looking down on farm fields covered in water, the shapes and colours abstracted, I can pick out what is interesting to me. I wanted the thick layers of oil pushed and scraped around the canvas to convey the worked fields and the changes from one field to another within the landscape. The lines are abstracted representations of the paths I’ve walked.