Dido Nydick

Gallery Room 1 – Under £500

Oodles of sources have left their impression upon me and my creativity is a never-ending journey to pay attention to all sensory experiences.
My paternal von Kalckreuth family artistic legacy dates back to the 19th century and inspires me to carry on the tradition and create art, albeit, with contemporary tools. While, I study traditional fine art forms, my art is created on the iPad with an Apple pencil. Twenty five years as a NYC interior designer, twenty years of teaching yoga and lots of travel inform my works. I explore assymmetrical compositions, textures, colors and replicating traditional art techniques/styles. I am equally at ease with chiaruscuro, hand-blocking and 60s mod styles and have a penchant for my unique style of cut-out irregular shapes and lines filled with texture and color.

W: http://didonydickart.com/commissions/

Priya | £300 | 46cm x 31 cm | digital on silver metal, grey gallery box frame