Elements 71 Daniel Staveley

Daniel Staveley

Gallery Room 2 – Over £500-£2000

I am a photographer working towards exhibitions using hybrid techniques to create digital images and produce prints using analog technology. Camera-less photography appears a lot in my practice, creating large scale images in the landscape. I also have a fascination with multiple images and over the last two years have used this in all my work.

W: www.danstaveley.com

I: www.instagram.com/danstaveleyphoto

Elements 71 | £725 | 60x50cm | Aluminium print and Box frame

Ltd edition 1 of 5 High gloss digital image printed on aluminium. The original chem-igram is a mix media analog image created on RA4 silver colour paper, using various chemicals to create an abstract image. The concept behind the work is inspired by the periodic table and the seemingly infinite amount of life that is created from just a few elements, the fascination how they can combine and create everything.