Hayam Elsayed

Corinne Young

Gallery Room 4 – Over £500-£2000

I am a textile artist from the UK. I create embroidered 3D artwork, bespoke furnishings and accessories. I have always loved to stitch, and have done so ever since I can remember. My father and several ancestors on both sides of my family worked in the textile industry, and my mother, aunt and grandmother were all keen needlewomen. As a result of my lifelong fascination with textiles, I completed a degree in Textile Design in 2003. I also have qualifications and work experience in interior design and decoration and gallery curation. My work is inspired by two major things – the flowers and insects I study in my garden, and the artefacts to be found in historic houses. The floral aspect gives my work its colour, texture and form, and the methods I use, the style of the work and its 3D quality comes from the study of historic artefacts such as 17th century stump work caskets. I like to use vintage fabrics and papers to create my work, and also love to stitch into my handmade linen paper, which I make in large sheets in my studio.

W: http://www.corinneyoungtextiles.co.uk

I: corinneyoungtextiles

Passion Flower | £595 | 40cm square stumpwork (machine and hand embroidery) on mixed media background

3D framed sculpture of a Passion Flower. The actual flowers only bloom for one day; so this is my exploration of recreating this ephemeral plant to have an everlasting beauty.