Claire Edwards

Gallery Room 4 – Over £500-£2000

As a figurative painter I am concerned with noticing, observing and trying to represent the world around me. The words sound simple enough but I have found that there is nothing easy about confronting reality.  It is an exciting and compelling challenge.  As I set about selecting and interpreting, I look for underlying structure and harmony. Drawing is integral to my paintings and is something that I enjoy for its own sake.  I like the way the sustained concentration and observation it requires stills the mind.  It feels like prayer or meditation.

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Tulips in a green vase with seashell | 16×12 inches 41×30 cms | Oil on canvas

I painted this over the course of a few days in February in the best of the short hours of good light. I liked painting the stems through glass as much as the blooms themselves. I added the seashell to provide balance to the composition and a strong complementary to the green.