Carin Lavery

Gallery Room 1 – Under £500

Known for her dynamic watercolours, and with a strong commissions-following, Carin has attracted international awards and her work has been licensed for Christmas cards. Realistic, impressionist or abstract, her bold paintings communicate our world through watercolour. Whilst many of her paintings are created to create joy, Carin believes art has the ability to voice important subjects. Through her art Carin has raised attention to domestic violence, equality for marginalised communities and the knowledge in our Indigenous community about protecting our land.

W: www.carinlavery.com

I: @carinlaveryart

Brexit | £275 (unframed, including mat) / £325 (framed, including mat) | 60 x 80 cm | Watercolour

23 June 2016, a date embedded into world history and the lives of UK citizens and residents, regardless of which way they voted. My artwork is designed to show the rawness and friction between the Remain camp (in yellow) and the Leave camp (in blue) against the worn, battered back drop of the Union Jack. This painting can be supplied framed or unframed (recommended). A Certificate of Authenticity is provided with the artwork. The price doesn’t include shipping.