Aziz Anzabi

Aziz Anzabi

Gallery Room 3 – Over £2000

“Aziz Anzabi is a fully committed lucid embodiment of a new form of violent poetic activism” – Sophie Abou Chahine

W: https://www.iraniancontemporaryart.com/

I: https://www.instagram.com/aziz_anzabi/?hl=en

Marilyn Monroe Captive Qajar Lady | £12500  | 200x200cm | Oil on canvas

A part of the time tunnel series, Aziz uses the 20th and 21st century celebrities as well as Qajarian characters to tell a story. Anzabi successfully incorporates both the past and the present in this painting through the irony created in the contrast between the black and white photo of Monroe (the future) with the colourful scene the Qajar lady is placed in. thus through this he captures both the movement in time as well as the awe of people for the past; Monroe is staring down at the Qajar lady from the past. However through this painting Anzabi explores a greater message, feminism. In this painting by using two influential and powerful female figures, Anzabi explicitly shows his support for feminism and demonstartes that females (as well as males) are important in shaping our society.