Andrea Hamilton

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ndrea Jarvis Hamilton (born in 1968, Lima, Peru) is a UK-based conceptual artist and photographer best known for her extensive series of photographic images, or typologies, of the ocean, natural phenomena, and the Kelvin scale. Her work encompasses numerous photographic genres including portraiture, still life, long exposure and landscape. Her systematic collection of subjects within a strict conceptual framework over extended time periods has resulted in comprehensive archives. These are retrospectively organised according to common visual characteristics (movement, colour, light) into series which highlight specific themes: the nature of time and memory, our relationship with the environment, colour theory, being, and the representation of truth.

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Tidal Resonance No.1, 2012 | £3,000 + VAT | 34.6 x 43.3 in (88 x 110 cm) | Archival pigment print, Edition of 6

Seascapes have always had a strong presence in Japanese culture as a form and intellectual construct. In addition, haiku poems had the power to provoke images, impressions or traces in the reader’s minds. In other words they transformed a short sentence into an imaginary photograph. In this body of work I’m approaching the subject from this perspective. I would like to talk about the echoes, natural sounds and languages of the ocean. Roland Barthes describes haiku in his book Empire of Sign as a syllogism, which means, rise, suspense and conclusion. Tidal Resonance shows a series of seascapes in which waves are the main subject. I like to think about the movement of the waves the same way Barthes describes these well known Japanese poems. The waves in my photographs are also poetical representations of the rise, suspense and conclusion of the deep resonance of the sea.