Amanda Heath

After years of soul-searching I discovered that it was a call back to art.  The longer I tried to ignore it, the worse it got until eventually after a long period of burnout I decided to honour what my gut was trying to tell me. I made some changes in my life, studied everything I could to do with art…the foundations, abstraction, realism, colour theory and everything in between until I finally got to a place where I felt at home. Every day that I moved closer to art, that emptiness inside started to disappear. These days I get to make art every day from my beautiful, light-filled garden studio near Manchester, England and I feel deeply, truly happy. 

W: http://www.amandaheathart.com

I: amandaheathart

New Beginnings | £225 | 30x30cm | acrylic on wood board

Again inspired by energy, transformation and the layers we peel back in order to reveal our truest self.