Alison Johnston

Gallery Room 4 – Over £500-£2000

A continuous thread in my work has been the compulsion to explore time. The passage of time can only be perceived by changes. My background in animation compelled me to explore changing images with precision, and this process has developed my inner capacity of observation of nature in the act of creating my work.  What we experience is affected by the moment before and the moment after. My starting point is a place and my relationship to that place, building up layers of attachment over time . I am often inspired to repeatedly visit the same subject and find this deepens my awareness,  Whilst observing the place subconscious responses will also come into play.  It is not just what you see but how  you see it. Time unfolds along different timelines both physical and dynamic – the ticking of the clock, the tide filling the rockpools, and the knowledge of the place.

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Cuan Mor | £750 | 610 x 760mm | acrylic on canvas

Part of a body of work titled ‘Time and Belonging’. Cuan Mor expresses the energy of the sea, the threadlike fingers of foam, light and shade reaching out, drawing you in, and piercing you with ice cold consciousness, embroiling past with present and future.